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4.87 0f total death in Tanzania is due road accidents and some of the road accidents happen due to human error as people are unawear about road safety education and some of them ,they are aware but they just disobey the road laws.AND some of the people get the accidents in the areas where no one can report about the accident to the relevant authorities,for them to get help,also some people when they witness an accidents take pictures and steal the properties of the victims of the accident instead of reporting the accidents  to the relevant authorities so people die because of delayed medical help .for example one of the friend of the founder’s father  got accident at mkuranga region ,he got accident near the forest ,it was hard for him to get help ,he stayed there for two days ,he was found in the third day by the farmer who was transfering his crops,then when he admitted to the hospital he died after 3 hours as he admitted late to the hospital.ABRINAR AIM TO SOLVE ALL OF THESE CHALLENGES


Is the platform that provide road safety education ,through website and also through conducting road safety seminars to primary and secondary school students also give people access to report an accident and send information to the relevant authorities.ALSO Abrinar has the mobile app that report the accident automatically to the relevant authorities such us police and hospital in order the victim of accident to get quickly  medical help as the ambulance will arrive early  at the area where accident happened and also the app will send messages to the user’s important contact to inform them what happened.The app sensitive to speed ,if the user drive with  maximum speed,the app will notify him or her and also send that information to the near by police station.

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She is 17yrs  old girl,she is the last born in her family ,she completed ordinary level education at jangwani secondary school,she is tech-entreprenuer and mentee at apps and girls.She love STEM studies since she was young and her dream is to became a biomedical engineer,as she wanted to give back happiness and hope to those who lose the parts of the body such as legs and hands .When she was young she witness her fathers friend died due to road accidents ,she came up with ABRINAR  in order to reduce deaths of people due to road accidents and road accidents in general.as she experienced the pain of losing her loved ones,so she doesn’t want others to lose the people they love due to the road accident.she believe its possible to eradicate road accidents