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Get to know and learn the warning signs with meaning which provide basis understanding to crossed signs.

speed limits signs this are signs which enable a user to understand signs of the speed which has been guided to understand each speed.

This are directional signs which  help a user to understand different directories of signs found on the road.


Road safety signs are not  optional every people should be aware about road accidents and road safety signs , How road accidents occur, What to do if you witnness an accident , How to report an accident, Better understanding to road trafic signs, Rules and condition of roads, non violation of road safet signs,

Education resources

Explore our road safety teaching resources for children.


Did YOu know

Road traffic accidents death in  Tanzania reached 89.78% of total deaths which are caused by Different factors.

Most Road traffic accidents in  Tanzania are caused due to lack of awareness of road safety symbols or signs.

Approximately 45.35% of  people die each year as the result of car crashes which are caused by excess driving speed.

There is a high need of education on proper use of road safety signs
Sabrina Hamisi


Abrinar Is a platform that provides road safety education and also give people access to report an accident and send information to the relevant authorities.

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